Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Myth of Plastic Bins

We all use them for storage & organization. The question is, do they really work or are they a myth? What am I talking about? Plastic storage bins, of course!

I use them, but I don't really feel organized. In some aspects, I know they help me, but in other aspects, I feel like it's out of sight, out of mind.

This is some of my stash of yarn. It's all sorted by color, and the bins are stacked 5 or 6 tall. I do think that this helps with the organization of the overstock & stash, as I can easily go straight for whatever color I need. In fact, the yarn that's on top is what I had pulled out to cut. And, no, I don't need into the bins every time I make fibers. That's what this is for:

Oh yes -- this is organized! All sorted by color, so I can easily see what I have, what I want, and what I need. And yeah, that's an exercise bike that I use to hang stuff on. I prefer to think of the fibers as handlebar streamers.

However, when it comes to other items, I feel totally disorganized! This is a picture of one of my workrooms. In these bins, it's all fabric.

And it is totally disorganized. I've basically decided that I'm not sure it *can* be organized. I've tried sorting it by color - doesn't work. By type (quilters cotton, knit, silk, rayon, etc) that works better, but doesn't help when trying to put stuff together. By size - well, that was almost pointless. That only helped if I wanted to make something that needed a lot of yardage.

But, I'm told - we're all told - every time I go to the store that just a couple more bins, and it'll all become organized. It's like a siren's song, whispering in your ear "Take me home, I'll help you. Just a couple more, and it'll be organizational bliss."


Denise said...

WOW! some awesome fibers here!!! Love this. I do know that organization dilemma and plastic bins -- I have same problems with my art stash! Great stuff! you are the fiber queen!!

Girl_Industries said...

What a great way to enjoy your stash. I'm all for knowing where everything is at all times, and the way the colours are organised look sooooo good!

Louise said...

lol yeah I have learned that plastic tubs aint the answer! your collection is quite something, though!