Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How Do YOU Shop?

As I was planning my Autumn/Winter marketing campaign (yes, it's actually that time of year!), I had a thought - why do you choose to shop the way you do? Specifically, why do you choose to shop from Etsy rather than websites?

Do you shop on Etsy because you're already there?

What would it take for you to buy from a website, rather than Etsy? Is it free shipping? A free gift? Something else?

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Soyun said...

I do shop at Etsy, cause I love the community. As a seller, I also like to know what others think.

Siobhan said...

I think the advantages of shopping on Etsy are that I get a lot of choices of any given product, I trust the security of the website, one username/registration gives me access to thousands of shops, and I generally feel good supporting the community.

I would buy something from another website if I really wanted it, but I prefer to buy my handmade items from etsy.

Jenny said...

I have my own site, but I also have an etsy account... and I shop both.

I prefer a site since it tends to have more things located in one spot. I'm very picky about how it looks too. I'm a website snob probably. If it's not easy to navigate it, I won't buy. Plain and simple. Even if the items rock.

Etsy is well-laid out... And has a wide variety of sellers. I like that they are finally catching up on things to fix versus two years ago!

MrsDragon said...

I like Etsy because I can shop for (and purchase) multiple things at once. I don't have to remember a thousand different websites. I know it's handmade (within reason) and I can find new artists. Sometimes I know I want a widget, but not what style until I see it. Other times I know color or theme, but not the object. Etsy helps me simplify my shopping. (And remember what I bought and from whom later!)