Monday, November 3, 2008

Altered Ribbon -- How To

Materials Needed --

Cotton Ribbon - Available at beckandcallgirl or supplycandy
Small Alphabet Stamps - Available at beckandcallgirl or supplycandy

Dye Ink Pad - Your choice of 2 or more colors

scrap paper
paper towel

Decide what length of ribbon you need for your project. Cut it off, plus a couple inches.

Place some scrap paper over your work space. I like to use copy paper. Put the ribbon on that and run the inkpad over it until you reach your desired color intensity. I chose the weathered look for the sample.

Run your paper towel over the newly inked ribbon to remove the excess ink.

Using your small alphabet stamps, choose a message to stamp out. I like to spell out the message and space it out before committing. This also helps to avoid spelling errors.

Once done, set it aside to dry completely. I like to leave mine at least overnight.

You now have customized ribbon, with a handmade touch. I wouldn't recommend laundering this ribbon, but it's great for most projects.


Denise said...

Great idea Kate! thanks!