Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mad for SuperBad

I love to shop. Oh yeah, love to shop. However, I like to cruise the web to do my shopping. It's sort of a double thrill - you get the enjoyment of searching, the thrill of finding the items, and then it's like it happens all over again when the package arrives.

One of the things I've recently purchased was a set of body products from Superbadsoap. In this set was a sugar scrub, body powder, and roll-on perfume.

I've always been a powder girl. Even when I was little, I can remember getting into my mom's powder and slathering it all over myself. So, when I saw there was Girls with Glasses dusting powder in this set, of course it was the first thing I opened. Can you say love? It's so silky and decadent. It absorbs into your skin without getting gummy. And the scent? Well, SuperBad says its "Vanilla buttercream frosting laced with blackberry," but it's not sugary sweet. You don't smell like a cupcake or baked goods all day.

I've always loved perfume, too. Can't tell you why, as I'm not that much of a girly-girl. So I opened up the Miss Behaving roll-on perfume. It's just as nice as a luxury perfume, but with a much nicer price tag. This perfume has a nice, long lasting scent without being overwhelming. "Wildflower honey infused with vanilla beans" is how Superbad describes the scent. I find it to have a slight essence of baby powder, as well. This has become one of my everyday scents.

Finally, I tried out the Japanese Cowgirl sugar scrub. skin is so soft after using
this. It's great for exfoliating. I used it the day before applying faux tanner, and the tanner took so evenly. And the scent - another fabu one! "East embraces West with tart yuzu softened with saddle suede" is how Superbad describes it. I thought it had a bit of citrus, as well.

All in all, I'd have to say Superbad's products are at least the equivalent of luxury brands with a down to earth price. And their scents are very grown up & sophisticated without being stodgy.

Check out their website at or their Etsy shop at superbad

Friday, October 24, 2008

BBQ Anyone?

In our never-ending quest to avoid cooking, we go out to eat. A lot. One of the regular places we go is Danna's Barbeque in Branson. You have to realize, I live in an area of about 225,000 people, with at least a dozen BBQ restaurants, and I still drive 45 mins each way to eat here.

Without a doubt, they have the absolute best pulled pork in the area. Their brisket is fantastic, and their sausage is very good, too.

This week, I finally found heaven - The Pit Plate. More than enough for two, it has pork, brisket, sausage, ribs, and half a chicken, plus all the fixings of beans, cole slaw, fries, and a roll. Ah, the ribs. One of the top 5 I've ever had.

I must say, though, that my favorite probably continues to be BBQ Nachos, but made with fries instead of chips. It's fries, covered with their BBQ beans, melted cheese, meat of your choice (pulled pork, duh), sour cream & jalapenos. Add some of their mild sauce, and it's quite the experience.
There's 3 locations - Branson proper, on Hwy 165; On Table Rock Lake, where you can drive up on your boat (how awesome is that?!) or your car, or in Branson West, just off Hwy 13.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Cupcake Capers

Long time, no post. I know, I know - I'm going to get back into the habit of blogging regularly.

Recently, I had a mad cravings for cupcakes. I don't get that way too often, so I cruised out to the best bakery (that I know of) in the area - Sweet Shoppe in Rogersville. That's about an hour round trip from my house.

When I got home, they weren't quite what I was hoping for. I wanted something really decadent, and these were simply very good. The solution? I was going to have to actually make them myself. Blasphemy!

As I pulled out my handy-dandy Joy of Cooking book, I realized that I didn't even have cupcake pans. I didn't have a cake pan. I didn't have any bakeware, save for a couple cookie sheets. What kind of adult am I?

So, off I went, in search of bakeware. I went to the store - nothing I liked. I went to Macy's & checked out their kitchenware. Nothing I liked that was in my price range. Then I hit up the net. I found this awesome set of silicone bakeware. It had muffin pans, mini muffin pans, cake pans, cookie sheets, loaf pans - everything!

I bought the set, and after it arrived, made my cupcakes. They popped right out, and I didn't even have to use liners. They baked evenly, came out soft and moist with a fine texture. They even cleaned up nice & easy.

These silicone pans are my new favorites, and I use them for everything!