Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hockey Playoffs Start TONIGHT!

Okay, so Spring starts on April 9th, not the 7th. My bad. I've been watching hockey-related coverage since 2pm. I also realized I should call my shots now.

The matchups are as follows

In the East:

1 Montreal vs 8 Boston - Montreal always takes it to Boston. I don't predict that changing this year.

2 Pittsburgh vs 7 Ottawa - Ottawa, with all their talent, barely made it into the playoffs, after their phenomenal start. Unfortunately, I'll have to take Pittsburgh and their youth movement.

3 Washington vs 6 Philadelphia - This one is really a pick 'em. Pretty evenly matched, played about the same down the stretch.

4 New York Rangers vs 5 NJ Devils - I'll have to go with the Devils. Brodeur seems to reach another level during the playoffs.

In the West:

1 Detroit vs 8 Nashville - Detroit. They're practically unstoppable.

2 San Jose vs 7 Calgary - If Calgary gets their act together, they're completely capable of a streak like the '04 playoffs. However, the Sharks didn't lose in regulation during March. I think it'll be San Jose as the victor here.

3 Minnesota vs 6 Colorado - Colorado. The Av's have Foote, Forsberg, Sakic, and Hejduk. That's a seriously fearsome foursome.

4 Anaheim vs 5 Dallas - I'm hoping for Dallas, since I strongly dislike the Ducks. Always have, always will. However, I think the Ducks will take this series easily.

On a somewhat related note, if you like hockey or sports, check out the documentary "In the Crease." It follows a young hockey team from Southern California through a season and to the national championships. Very interesting